How Terrorist and Spies Converge with Refugees Crisis

ISIS and Al Qaeda celebrate the European security breach they patiently planned for since 9/11. With the widening gap and rapidly growing stream, the Resources of Counter Terrorism Units and Intelligence Services are exhausted!

Tip of the Iceberg!

We are aware of terrorist (and criminals) among the refugee streams and of hundreds we do know in which groups they hide, their ID and intentions. But as planned and expected there are just too many unidentified, posing as refugees and current identification efforts are effectively frustrated by defensive group behavior. 

Threats Converge With Refugee Streams

Refugees and immigrants are NOT a threat to national security but rather a long term natural, economic, social and humanitarian necessity. Today about 80% of global migrants end up in the developing world.

However, refugee streams ARE strategic instruments of war and a real current effective threat and target. A global threat with current pain-points in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Police pushing refugees back

Only two terrorist and one spy on every 600 refugees?

In recent hours, days and weeks we could easily identify one 'proven terrorist' and one 'extremist with intention' in every 600 refugees that arrived in the EU. A tip of the iceberg.

To adjust current security policy, we can't compare the current security revolution to evolution of terrorism in the past century with only two convicted terrorist on every 600.000 immigrants.

Statistics on terrorist and criminals among refugees, irrelevant

Every problem can be calculated in to useless oblivion by wrong input and selective comparisons, sadly enough we've become accustomed to do this on issues of safety and security every day.

Statistics on a number of terrorist as part of (current or recent) immigrant and refugee streams are irrelevant to future victims of the 'Shock and Awe' tactics.

Escalating refugee crisis in Europe and Asia no surprise

The current refugee streams to Europe are no surprise, as this is all according scenario's and expectations published by both extremist, ISIS and Al Qaeda as well as most governments and military strategists. The current need for a focus on imminent threats is coming from the sheer size of the refugee streams within a short time-line.

Refugee crisis as strategic political and military weapon, exhaust the resources ofCounter Terrorism Units and Intelligence Services !

'Motivation by events' reinforces 'movements'

'Motivation by events' is a powerful instrument by which also ISIS bridges continents and inspires masses through social media. During an AML investigation in 2009 we discovered that a 'movement' was developed in cooperation with Al Qaeda controlled ex-pats in Europe and in 2013 we learned that movement was to be reinforced by veterans of the Jihad that were or still are fighting in the Middle East.

Organized Crime taking care of refugees "all the way"

For sometime now, experts and politicians often say that the millions of displaced and refugees should be helped in their region, but these are the same politicians responsible for destabilizing regional humanitarian efforts by ensuring that only about 30% of the required and promised funding reaches those humanitarian efforts in MENA. Allowing for key services and influence in refugee camps to be delivered by Transnational Organized Crime!

Al Qaeda's patience for security breach

In November 2014 an Anti Money Laundering and HUMINT Risk Assessment operation in the Maghreb, Egypt and other parts of the Middle East. Discovering an imminent threat to Western Europe, as a prime target for the terror networks.

By flooding the target countries with hundreds of Jihadist simultaneously, the Islamic State seeks to guarantee success of high Profile Terror Attacks in Europe, Australia, Canada and even the US.

Terror movements of Al Qaeda and ISIS celebrate the European security breach that they patiently planned for.


Update September 16 2015:

Clear and Present Danger

In the years after 2003 everyone that ever visited a possible suspect meeting or mosque in western Europe (eventually all of the EU) was identified and profiled for extremism, possible radicalization or connection to terror or transnational crime.

Monitoring by the national CT units, the NSA and Echelon made it near impossible for those identified to be actively involved with terrorism or support of it (anywhere in the world), without the intelligence services knowing about it!

Most of the recent new arrivals from Afghanistan, the Middle East (Syria, Iraq, Palestinian refugee camps, Iran) and Africa are NOT identified or profiled. A clear and present danger.

A compassionate security breach

Recent refugee streams went in to the hart of Europe before being registered and 'identified' and some unidentified travelers never reach(ed) a modern station or a refugee care center with a proper set of security resources.

Those stay of the grid. Some have bailed from transport when trains were stopped in the middle of nowhere for 'security' reasons, some never entered any bus, train or registered at an official welcoming facility. Some accepted a ride from one of the thousands of 'good will' (?) citizens who went to welcome and pick up refugees with their own cars.

Almost 2,000 people are preparing to drive more than 300 miles to take refugees stranded in Hungary to Vienna in a huge convoy of cars, taxis and buses


First published September 10, 2015 by Ultrascan Humint 


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