Boko Haram Terror Funding

Synergy between Crime and Ideology
Cyber Crime (419 AFF) fraud is shifting from a criminal inspired activity into an ideology driven terror funding mechanism for African based terror organizations and their affiliates in Europe.

Synergy between Crime and Ideology

419 Advance Fee Fraud (e.g. Romance scams, sextortion) and Terrorism

Cyber Crime (419 AFF) fraud is shifting from a criminal inspired activity into an ideology driven terror funding mechanism for African based terror organizations and their affiliates in Europe.

Nigerian advanced fee fraud, also called 419 used to be a criminal instrument to enrich a large number of criminal organizations originating from Nigeria and other West African countries like Ghana, with strongholds in the Netherlands, Great Britain and Spain. These times are over!

At the moment the Cyber Crime 419 Advance Fee Fraud (e.g. Romance scams, sextortion) a Low Probability of Detection crime, is the primary funding for most of the African based terror groups in Somalia, Nigeria, central Africa and East African communities.

Although it is difficult to estimate the magnitude of 419 fraud, it is a fact that it can easily be compared with a GDP of a medium sized country.

Boko Haram Western Education is Sin

African nations are facing more and more terror acts by groups who do not anymore believe in equality and economic prosperity in their countries. The happy few and elites in every country are benefiting from all the wealth while the majority of the populations is starving (to death). It is no surprise that the Islamic voice of “prosperity being spread equally over all the population” is being very popular in Africa, where the population is denouncing all imperialistic and capitalism influences by the western world in Africa.

Terror groups in Nigeria, Somalia are not to be considered a local and isolated problem

Terror groups in Nigeria, Somalia are not to be considered a local and isolated problem anymore. Boko Haram is endangering the government of Goodluck Jonathan, who was forced to declare a state of emergency in a number of states.

Although Boko Haram seems not to be very well organized, they are very effective in spreading terror in Nigeria and across its border. The Christmas attacks in Nigeria has proven that Boko Haram is not only capable in organizing and carrying out those attacks but also raising funds and setting up a financial supply chain based on 419 Fraud.

A destabilized Nigeria is not only a Nigerian or African problem, but also a significant regional problem because of the oil wealth and the very large population (largest in Africa and number 8 in the world) of 167 million people.

The danger of a Nigerian civil war is reason for setting up another task force by western and Nigerian Intelligence this month and to try to eliminate the Boko Haram movement and its threat towards the stability of Nigeria that’s vital for the USA and European countries.

Recently intelligence agencies have identified connections between Boko Haram and individuals in Europe, which creates a nightmare scenario of Boko Haram conducting terror attacks not only in Nigeria but also on mainland Europe. Currently there are several ongoing operations by European intelligence in Europe, trying to eliminate those cells.

In order to effectively diminish the threat of Boko Haram in Europe, the strategies of the intelligence agencies will not only be targeting those cells in Europe, but also neutralizing the lifeline of financial strength of Boko Haram; 419 Advance Fee Fraud.

8 January 2012

Al Shabaab

2020 Al Qaeda and ISIS 

Al Qaeda 2020 - Alert!

Al Qaeda has silently invested significantly into building an ideological base in weak African and Asian communities.

Building a social structure and capacity for impoverished communities with free education, medical and food aid.

Its support and presence trough affiliates in Africa and Asia has since 2009 quadrupled. Its main targets still are Africa's 'Magnificent 5' ; Uganda, Kenya. Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi

ISIS 2020 - Alert!

The war against the ISIS caliphate has degraded ISIS's possibilities to keep territory in Syria and Iraq.

When terror groups are forced out and no longer fight for territory, that frees resources to expand and widen their scope on the globe.

ISIS is expanding its fighting and training in Africa and Asia


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