HUMINT from inside Boko Haram - Boko Haram enters next phase of GSI doctrine

Boko Haram the next stage - Phase 2 Al Qaeda GSI Doctrine Boko Haram must be considered the most advanced, well prepared, disciplined and solid financed terror organisation in 50 years. Very effective

The Definite Guide To Boko Haram

Alert 23 February 2012, 22:09

It's an undeniable fact that Boko Haram is entering GSI phase II, after completing phase one of the GSI doctrine:

Generic, Specific, International

1.1 Phase I Generic:

Generic effective 'guerrilla marketing' by killing at random to establish presence and fear.


1.2 Phase II Specific:

Attack Specific targets linked to the mission of Boko Haram 'all western influence is forbidden', such as educational institutions, schools, universities.

Humint intelligence operations code name 'Deep Cycle' have revealed Specific targets

- USAID Abuja; being considered De Facto the arm of the USA abroad

- EU delegation representative office Abuja; a small but effective and symbolic attack on all EU member states

- The National Assemble Abuja; striking at the heart of the Nigerian government at Army road


1.3 Phase III International:

Attacks in Europe/UK and other regions where Boko Haram and specific targets have presence.


In order to achieve attacks in Europe:

Traditional funding mechanics of terror groups are no longer effective due to the advanced monitoring possibilities of the intelligence services (NSA, Echelon) and widely infiltrated Mosques.

 Boko Haram chose an unorthodox method for fundraising; perpetrating crime with a Low Probability of Detection, (419) Advance Fee Fraud via Dating Sites (e.g. known as love or romance scam. An effective way of raising and keeping money in places where necessary, to acquire resources for attacks and thus staying under the radar of government agencies.

Targets of Boko Haram in Europe are not yet listed.

Boko Haram flags - western europe

The Nigerian Jihad will soon reach Western Europe

Boko Haram has supporters among Nigerians and transnational crime networks in the Diaspora. A "movement" was developed in cooperation with Al Qaeda controlled ex-pats in Europe. Reinforced by veterans of the Jihad and Nigerians that were or still are fighting in the Middle East.

2020 Al Qaeda and ISIS 

Al Qaeda 2020 - Alert!

Al Qaeda has silently invested significantly into building an ideological base in weak African and Asian communities.

Building a social structure and capacity for impoverished communities with free education, medical and food aid.

Its support and presence trough affiliates in Africa and Asia has since 2009 quadrupled. Its main targets still are Africa's 'Magnificent 5' ; Uganda, Kenya. Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi

ISIS 2020 - Alert!

The war against the ISIS caliphate has degraded ISIS's possibilities to keep territory in Syria and Iraq.

When terror groups are forced out and no longer fight for territory, that frees resources to expand and widen their scope on the globe.

ISIS is expanding its fighting and training in Africa and Asia


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