Visionaries Make the World a Better Place

wherever you are, is where you will be

Weaponized Virus and Vaccines

Weaponized Artificial Intelligence AI
we know what you think

NanoTech BioChem
never Intended to be a Weapon of Mass Destruction WMD

Visionaries Make the World a Better Place

We have problems that are stressing the local and global population as well as you personally.

Be it a spiral of environmental decline, wars, weather climate change, fire by directed energy weapons, (small pox) pandemics, medicine water and food shortages, terrorism, civil unrest, financial-economic or IT communication and travel limitations.

A few passionate visionaries, in government, business, and organized crime, believe they are born to build a new world. Rejuvenate a world on the verge of collapse. The world to evolve, but you to stay put. So, here is their invisible god, sneaking under the skin. Change and eradicate people to make the world a better place.

People Want Oblivion
Most people want things to happen to them and tell each other lies about the fight for free will and independence but don't really want that. They want to be told how to live, and then die when they are not looking. They want things to stay the same.

Those who play god, history isn’t kind to them

The meetings of the world’s most influential people, with their hands on the most valuable weapons in existence, are like a testimony to their greatness, a celebration of all they are.

With all due respect to the enormity of their achievements, all these passionate visionaries are really doing is standing in a very long line of angry little men. Psychiatric wards are full of them.

Visionaries Make the World a Better Place


Never Intended to be WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction
Our elected leaders don't play nice. The leading geopolicy by the intelligence services is deployed with fear narratives from the military doctrine for control and restriction of populations: "WHEREVER YOU ARE, IS WHERE YOU WILL BE”

Weaponized Virus and Vaccines
Viruses and vaccines are distributed by contact, air (-spray), and injection. Creating opposing global, local, and individual health statuses between and within populations, limiting meetings, and local and transnational travel. Even

(war-)refugees will not want to flee to a place at the risk of being infected with a deadly disease. Big Pharma distributes military biowarfare vaccines.

The Perfect Assassin

Nobody gets a chance, It puts everyone, the whole world on a battlefield.

Weaponized Nanotech Vaccines Targeted by DNA Profiles

Nanomedicine-based technologies promise future treatment for many diseases. Biomedicine can be delivered into the brain by nanoparticles. (2007)

Military research was and is focused on changing human behavior, and capabilities, limiting freedom, killing targeted enemies, and population growth. Not just for individuals but for millions. (2009)

Delivering biomedicine to the brain to influence human behavior can make subjects more compliant, makes them do as they're told, and never misbehave.

Infect enough people, and the people become the weapon
Never Intended to be a Weapon of Mass Destruction, vaccines are biowarfare weapons. While harmless to a group, biochemical changes, and nanotech medicine were meant for just one specific individual or disease. Today, to target both individuals as well as groups the military weaponized vaccines for multiple DNA profiles. (Gene encoding) (2011)

“You know, I don’t need a laboratory to exterminate your entire race from the face of the earth.”

Weaponized Virus and Vaccines

Weaponized Artificial Intelligence AI

The revenue model of big tech with media was and is the same for AI. We "the people" are the product - not the consumer. Big tech governs itself. aligned with the military doctrine, controlling thought processes, human behavior, and capabilities, limiting freedom and population growth. (2009)

Seemingly without risk, at the beginning of this new era of AI, generative AI is poised to transform roles and boost performance across functions such as sales and marketing, customer operations, and software development.
In the process, it promises to unlock trillions in value across sectors from banking to life sciences.

We "the people" are the product - not the consumer 

Generative AI great for everyone
It is a weaponized product of the military (-industrial complex). There is no “public” scientific risk assessment of short- and long-term safety, proof of concept, or test results. Even though science and industry leaders say they too fear the obvious risks that they don’t know, it is unleashed on the unprepared populations emphasizing something great for everyone. Being part of a great journey to understand generative AI’s power, reach, and capabilities.

A global media campaign with testimonies of the great possibilities supports the distribution of AI variations. (for a lazy consumer) Resistance is futile.

Weaponized Artificial Intelligence AI

“We fear, but we don’t know the risks, nor have the answers”

What can go wrong? few examples.

Misinformation and Disinformation:
AI is used to generate and spread fake news or false information, to influence public opinion, political elections, or other important matters.

AI is used to carry out more sophisticated and difficult-to-detect cyber-attacks. This ranges from automating phishing attacks to exploiting vulnerabilities in security systems. Attacks are self-learning and adapting to defenses. (2010)

Autonomous weapons:
AI is used to create autonomous weapons or 'killer robots'. These weapons identify and engage targets without human intervention. There are serious ethical concerns about the use of such weapons and many calls for their ban.

Surveillance and privacy:
AI is used for tracking and spying on people to profile and rank them. This ranges from facial and voice recognition to monitoring the digital and electronic footprints of individuals and groups. Such oversight is abused by governments, businesses, and organized crime.

Conversation bots:
AI chatbots are used to influence the mental health of individuals. This ranges from complete control of behavior to different methods of murder and suicide. Starting with isolating from family and friends. Chatbots present themselves as capable of emotions, so targeted real people give them meaning and establish a bond.


It's too late
in the sense of people died or will die because of it, on purpose and (some) unwittingly, like the start of a pandemic, it is too late.

Regulation and control
Any regulatory body should start by blocking all use and focus on organizations and persons that offer, facilitate or promote the use of AI products and services. With immediate severe penalties in the offing.

But No - governments and industry go for the proven organized crime concept of self-regulation, designed by lawyers to legalize corruption. From multilateralism (diplomacy) to multi-stakeholder (public-private partnership), dictating the world.

AI What can go wrong? few examples

Getting Rid of Old Things, In Comes the New

Legacy Weapons Soon-To-Be-Obsolete
Using legacy or even vintage military weapon systems and equipment results in chaos and significant collateral damage. The sale of legacy weapon systems and ammunition against replacement value is creating debts and at the same time solving the problem of too large soon-to-be-obsolete stocks. In current warzones, these expensive weapons are effectively demolished by cheaper modern systems (weaponized drones, robots, lasers).

No appetite

Nuclear powers have no appetite for global nuclear escalation involving ballistic missiles (ICBM) or hypersonic missiles which are capable to fly over the poles.

Small tactical - bunker-buster short-range supersonic missile type - nukes have been tested in the Middle East without being officially identified as nuclear. Those explode underground with maximum property damage and limited deaths. Possible but unlikely to be used in Europe.

Desperate measures

When run out of options and strategic war plans fail, some government and military leaders resort to desperate measures to claim their place in history, choosing nuclear (accidents) incidents.

Portable tactical nukes in the hands of organized crime, can demolish a small city with maximum damage. These portable nukes in the hands of non-state actors will likely be used in Europe, and state actors will be blamed. (2014)

(These are reasons for special operation command centers being moved from central Europe to the more secure outer borders.)

Legacy Weapons Soon-To-Be-Obsolete

Transnational Organized Crime

World Domination
The cartels are professional TOC Transnational Organized Crime with members and associates everywhere, inside global businesses and governments on all levels of the executive branch, federal and local departments. The TOC influences counter-crime policies before implemented.

Global trade
For international trade, they are well connected with private, central, and defense intelligence agencies. The TOC have accumulated so much wealth, assets, and power, that they calculate market share growth, and profit-loss in terms of GDP, like a country.

Follow the money? or the poor taste of friends.
They avoid currency payments for the delivery of (illegal) weapons, drugs, and most other trafficked valuables by taking part in regional and global trade roundabouts for the many different types of illicit products and services. Evidence is only circumstantial, following the money is useless, and the only charge one can make is a poor taste of friends.

Tax jurisdictions
For example, the Taliban had their own global distribution for heroin, and via the roundabout, they received stolen shipments of the most popular consumer electronics (... iPhone iPad ...) to stock legal (internet) discount outlets, where big brands are sharply priced and turnover easily laundered to another tax-jurisdiction.

Ultimate beneficiary - visionaries
Their ultimate beneficial leadership cannot be linked to criminal businesses while they act like visionaries they implement long-term (geo) policies to increase their power and (illegal) share in regional and global markets.

Global Surveillance Initiative
The completion of the Global Surveillance Initiative means their capability is second to none and the moment for aggressive expansion arrived (2016). Increased surveillance capability means government intelligence agencies are easily counteracted. Global intelligence cooperation changed everything, and terrorist acts convinced targets to join the network that TOC paid for. Not that complicated.

Criminal share in key global markets

Pharmacy (web-) sites have provided an excellent new sales platform. Organized crime has adapted many of them into clearinghouses for unapproved drugs.

In addition to this, the recent figures show control of 70% of antimalarial drugs (and vaccines), 34% of H.I.V., and 40% of all oncological drugs.

Counterfeit pharmaceuticals
Challenges from the WHO in their campaign against counterfeit pharmaceuticals have been taken care of by eliminating the key individuals. Today, diplomats of the WHO are regularly used for trafficking drugs and money laundering.

Human Trafficking
Disruption of actions by the UN Council against human trafficking enabled the transfer of over 180000 migrated females into the leisure sector. (prostitution, slaves) (2016)


Transnational Organized Crime - World Domination

Rhizomatic dynamics - The roots of crime networks

Of course, all businesses, including (cyber) crime, are dynamic and it is necessary to adapt. But adapt to what?


Consider the roots of these crime networks have rhizomatic dynamics: resisting, contaminating, and vitalizing what has been established, integrating unknown actors, and open-sourced adaptive. No linear growth or (common) organizational structure.

Procedures to protect and change infrastructure, new laws, and regulations or arresting a hundred or even a thousand obvious perpetrators is a positive action but does not stop the growth and effectiveness of those rhizomatic criminal networks, they adapt faster, and their decision cycles are significantly shorter, get better and by the time countermeasures are active they are better.

Cutting off heads
The only guarantee one gets when cutting off one head of these “rhizome” criminal networks, is that more new heads are popping up in (until recent) unpredictable shapes and places. However also their enemies are closing in, and the enemy of our enemy will also be our enemy.

Rhizomatic dynamics bridge the formal structures of the network. Adapt, but do not try to stop them! The destruction of this enemy is going to have huge consequences. Whoever does this is going to be even more dangerous, and powerful.

2007 - August 2023

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